How do you get social media to care about storage units? How do you help increase the brand recognition for an industry leader that most people can’t remember their name?

The answer? You realize what storage is really about, and why these people love what they do.

Through weeks of research and consultation, we helped them discover that they love being there for people in times of transition. Once we arrived there together, we advised them to create content that offers value first, without asking for anything, and embodies that value. This wasn’t a sales pitch. It was a chance to share real, meaningful advice to people about to go through one of life’s biggest, and most emotional transitions – soon-to-be new parents!

We hand picked real parents to share their insights, and shaped them into a powerful emotional journey.

We knew it was great, but we had no idea just how big it would explode. 42 million views across YouTube and Facebook – Picked up by Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Today’s show, The Daily Mail, and even tweeted by Ashton Kutcher! We also got a write up in AdWeek. Most importantly, none of this came from spending on placement.

Here’s the Content and SEO Manager for Extra Space Storage, Garret Stembridge:

“We wanted to set ourselves apart from our competition… We knew it was good and really liked it and were pleased to see it take off and resonate with so many people. It’s really opened the eyes of our employees. We’ve seen it drive brand awareness and also spur employee engagement. The best thing about working with Issimo is the team. They are a group of great guys who make the project fun. They are very creative and do an excellent job of high-quality execution.”