Corporate Alliance commissioned Issimo to create a short film to establish thought leadership for their business networking brand. Instead of quoting studies from the likes of Harvard Business School, they wanted to have top business schools reference them. But they also wanted to inspire people from all walks of life, even outside of the business community. We created a thought leadership short film that went viral.

It was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick. This recognition by the video-sharing website means that Vimeo’s curation team selected the Issimo video to represent the best of the best in videos placed on the site. The Vimeo Staff Pick selections are carefully scrutinized and hand-selected from thousands of submissions by the company’s Curation Team. The selections are then promoted prominently on the Vimeo website.

Anne Donnellon, Associate Professor at Babson College, the top ranked entrepreneurial graduate school, requested to use the video in teaching her executive MBA students.

The video was reposted dozens of times and inspired people around the globe to slow down and be more present and let go of the false security of being busy. It was cited by people in various facets of life for different applications:
– Inspiration for dads to play with their kids more
– Reminder to Christian groups to make time for the spiritual
– Referenced on Reddit in a LGBT forum as courage to come out.
– Used by business consultants to break down barriers with corporate clients
– Inspiration for designers to do better work
– Cited on sports blogs for athletes to improve their game